Skål Europe communications

Skål Europe communications


• 2020 – 2021: voor de organisatie en bestuur van Skål Europe zie

• 2022-02-17: Mededelingen van Franz Heffeter – President Skål Europe

First of all, I wish to welcome Skål Andorra as a new member of Skål Europe in honour of which we are using the Andorra flag as a header of this email. President Raymond Juan and his Board took the decision a few days ago to join so to profit from the opportunities offered by the European Area Committee.

I would also like to thank Skål Roma who signed an agreement with ETOA , the European Tour Operator Association. This agreement enables European Skål Members to join the association and enjoy its benefits at a special discounted rate. Also, a number of webinars organized by  will be opened to all Skål members. All the specifications will be given on the website